Because prevention is better than cure!

At Bypass Pharmacy, we don't just offer solutions to your healthcare needs. Providing professional advice and screenings, we make sure that you can monitor and check your health status, so any potential or early symptoms can be more easily recognized and dealt with. Our tests also help identify any conditions that may need immediate treatment.

We offer a number of on-site tests at our relaxed, professional and welcoming premises, using the very best screening equipment and techniques, with fast results.

Blood Sugar

Increased levels of glucose (casually referred to as sugar) present in blood may be an indicator of a serious medical condition. While glucose levels fluctuate throughout the day, a persistently high level may be a sign of diabetes or a risk of developing this disease. Early detection is the key to maintaining an active lifestyle and living a long life.

Blood Pressure

A simple test that can be a real lifesaver, identifying the risk level of cardiovascular disease brought on by high blood pressure. Early detection or any rises, or responding to levels above the norm can be treated so as to reduce the likelihood of heart disease as a result of this cause. A good cardiovascular health indicator!


A good indication of potential health problems, such as diabetes and coronary heart disease, comes from cholesterol levels. A quick test can identify blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and should be done on a yearly basis at least. Keep your cholesterol levels under control!

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